V&M Electronics and Audio


V&M Video electronics concern is customers satisfaction. We offer a wide range of products to equip customers with the best standards of sound and light whether its a home, an amphitheater, a stadium, indoors or outdoors.             Your needs our solutions.


Equipment Rental

A huge gamma of professional equipment for dry hire or set up for home parties up to huge concerts, theatre productions and more. Contact us to satisfy your demands.  Whether you are just beginning on your musical journey or you are a seasoned professional, we are sure you will find a product to suit your needs. V&M Video electronics is one of the most experienced and largest musical products rental providers on the island.


A dedicated studio for bands to practice their music equipped with the essentials.

The studio is equipped with the industry’s latest technologies, bands find they can make all kinds of flexible arrangements. For example, the songwriting partnership within a band can get together and the rest of the band can turn up later to jam on the new songs. Best of all, you can make as much noise as you like, without bothering the neighbors.

Studio amenities can include:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Wall-to-wall carpet
  • Ambient dimmable lighting system
  • Ceiling mounted speaker hangers
  • Editing stations
  • Customized acoustic wall treatment